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The direction I need

When praying for direction for my life, I have a tendency to expect God to illuminate the correct path by supernatural means. Sometimes, God does do that, of course.  And sometimes, God gives us the freedom to choose a path and pursue it. I no longer believe that the Christian life is a mostly a […]

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Summer Delights

Each season seems to contain its own little delights and joys (its own darkness too, but that’s a different post) and today I want to chronicle a few of summer.  -Ben Rector. Magic is my favorite album right now but the The Joy of Music is fabulous. -Bubly! Raspberry is my favorite flavor. Lime is a […]

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Slow work, satisfying results

Yesterday, I turned in both finals for this quarter of seminary. I started in spring quarter of 2020 and I just finished spring quarter of 2022 and honestly, I’m still not sure exactly why God has led me to seminary outside of a few hopes and dreams. But I’ve changed as a person. (Honestly, is […]

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The projects of summer

Summer break, minus the quarantine where some of the family had covid, has reminded me of the best parts of homeschooling. We’re reading aloud a lot, playing outside half the day, and leaving the remnants of projects all over the house.  We finished a 750 piece puzzle on Monday. The upcoming second grader has a […]

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People you should know

Right now, I’m reading Danté Stewart’s book Shoutin’ in the Fire. It’s heartrending and not unexpected. It’s a story of life that has been repeated for generations, though as a society, we could alleviate much of the pain. Apparently we just can’t be bothered too and that will be to our judgment. The beauty, however, […]

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Discovering Biblical Equality 3: the law

Chapter 3 of Discovering Biblical Equality talks about how women are treated in the Mosaic law. Because we are so far removed from the culture and the language and the actual lives of God’s people during this time, we want to read it just as we would a modern work.1 If we do that, we […]

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A “quiet time” update + a lesson from the Psalms

In the morning, before anyone else in my family is awake, or at least before they are out of bed, I open my office window for Albus and then slump into the armchair with a cup of iced coffee. I blink at the sunrise, observe the wildlife in the yard, and record a few lines […]

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