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Hebrew Study

Guttural syllables start and endin my throat as I practice,covering my desk with vowel chartsand flashcards, rules for each.But in the hands of the learnedyou ancient tongue breathe song and story:treading across the centuries and milesof desert and time unending.Who spoke your words? What girl whispered the grammarand drew letters in the dirtoutside the circle […]

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The Rings of Power: 5 & 6

The story is starting to come around for me, friends. Instead of just being intrigued, I’m on the edge of my seat.  Galadriel I am finally liking Galadriel’s character. I’ve struggled a lot with her but maybe she is simply at her best when she is protecting and fighting and waiting for people to decide […]

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A new metric

This year, I am in my car more than I have been since we moved. I don’t particularly enjoy driving; it feels like a waste of time. I can’t do any work but I’m not resting either. Nevertheless, depending on if it’s a day I go to the church office or not, I spend between […]

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Seminary Notes 11

Yesterday, I printed out Hebrew alphabet practice sheets. Today I took them to work and scribbled strange markings during lunch. The alef bet quiz will be our first and I am making steady progress. I’m awed at getting to learn a language that is so ancient and still used. I’m apprehensive because I know how […]

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The Rings of Power: 3 & 4

I watched Episode 4 of The Rings of Power last Friday and have been able to gauge my excitement by how often I’ve been bummed that the next episode doesn’t release until Friday. It’s been a minute since I’ve watched a show that isn’t all available to stream. Again, this post is going to involve […]

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What I’m into right now

Reading: Anna Karenina. I’m 600 pages into this 800 page book and I’m determined to finish it before classes start on the 26th. I am really enjoying the story and curious how it is going to end. It’s not the same kind of enjoyment as I got from Cloud Cuckoo Land or Project Hail Mary […]

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The Rings of Power

Last night, I finished the second episode of The Rings of Power, a new Amazon Prime show based on the work of J.R.R. Tolkien. It’s a prequel to The Lord of the Rings and I’ve been waiting all summer to watch it. Episode 4 comes out on Friday so I’m scurrying to catch up and […]

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