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Two thoughts from Deuteronomy 31

One: the format I’m almost to the end of Deuteronomy. Moses is wrapping up his speeches to the people and gives a command for the law to be read aloud every seven years at the time of the debt cancellation. Every seven years, everyone was to assemble to hear the law. They were to learn […]

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Digital Planning: an update

Earlier this summer, I started using Google calendar for my calendar/planner instead of the paper planner that I’ve used for years. As much as I prefer a paper copy of almost anything, I’m trying to make best use of the tools I have. I’m using Google drive more: my Substack content calendar is there instead […]

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How to evaluate theology

There are some interpretations of theology that can be tolerated, or even seem great,  when life is going well (complementarianism can be one of them). But we should not evaluate our theology on the basis of “does this work when life is great?” We have to instead ask “does this work when life is everything […]

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Letting curiosity steer fall transitions

These past few weeks have reminded me of Christmas break. We’ve been cramming in fun things because summer break is almost over. Routine and rhythm have flown out the window. A big transition is looming but it’s not quite here yet. I’ve been preparing by making lists and trying to mark things off. My brain […]

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Interpreting the commands of Scripture

In Sunday’s newsletter, I compiled a list of the commands relating to how we treat “one another” in the body of Christ. When it released, I promptly received an email asking how I interpreted the verses that command us to greet one another with a holy kiss. I’m going to do a little digging before […]

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Life Lately (or what about everyday work?)

In the Helena Sorenson interview , she mentioned that sometime a “do this every day” mentality doesn’t work as well for women. While I’m always hesitant to apply something essentially immeasurable to a large group of people, it has been a balm for me recently as I haven’t written here in a week.  My writing […]

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Food I’m loving

Over the summer, food has been incredible. I’ve always loved food. I like to get my hands in dough, wait for flavors combine in a marinade, and watch heat transform ingredients. I also love to eat. For some reason, lately, food has been more exceptional than usual. I don’t have an explanation for it, so […]

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