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What is holiness?

I’m reading in Leviticus, which can be alternately mind-numbing and fascinating, and found myself wading through the “laws of holiness” as my CSB Bible describes it in chapter 19. The people of God were to be holy, or set apart, because God is holy. He is distinct from all else that exists and His people […]

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A year later

On July 13, 2021, I woke up on an air mattress in a mostly empty house, having slept poorly from nerves and from the children also sleeping poorly on air mattresses. We ate breakfast and loaded the few remaining belongings, which somehow barely fit, into the vehicles. Our cat Albus was in a crate nestled […]

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A move to Substack

Yesterday, I worked for several hours and moved my newsletter to Substack. I exported and imported mailing lists, copied and pasted and edited recent content when the import form didn’t work, made graphics, and wrote an “about” page. For months, I’ve been considering what to do about Instagram and if I needed it for the […]

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When victory is delayed

Yesterday, I stood beside some friends in church who are grieving a loss. It’s a loss that was prayed against, believed against, and yet still a devastating reality today. We ended the service singing a song about victory and the battle belonging to the Lord and I realized again how nuanced our lives and beliefs are. […]

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Review of Deep Work

I borrowed Deep Work by Cal Newport from a friend and skimmed the first part of the book where he attempts to convince the reader that deep work is necessary. Work is changing and if you don’t cultivate the ability to do deep work, “you’re like to fall behind as technology advances.” (13) He’s referring […]

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A help for reading the Old Testament

I’m nearing the end of Exodus in my morning Bible reading. I’ve decided to park in the Pentateuch for a while in my personal reading and right now I’m reading it one chapter at a time. I intend to read it in large chunks next because I’ve found that I see completely different things in […]

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Musical bedrooms

Last night, everyone in our house slept in a new room. We’d been discussing a problem for a few months and had not been able to come up with a solution that would work until I had a brainstorm last week. We spent ten hours yesterday swapping all the bedrooms upstairs. We painted one room […]

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