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Complicate your theories

Cultivating compassion for the stories of actual people that you know and respect will complicate all of your abstract theories. Homosexuality. Race. Gender roles. Immigration. People should complicate our theories. If your beliefs are theoretical, if you haven’t wrestled with them in the context of actual lives, stop talking until you have. Chances are that […]

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No more “just”

“I’m just five foot ten.” “I’ve just got four kids.” I’ve said both of these sentences in the past week and a half. In both cases minimizing what is present by comparing it to some imaginary larger or better something. I’m not six foot, just five foot ten. I don’t have five kids, just four. […]

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The calling of parenting

My children are of an age where adulthood looms in the distance. Childhood seems to be shrinking. Our work as parents seems increasingly important.  I’m reading The Tech Wise Family after resisting since it’s been published. I was certain it would tell me I was wrong about everything. Instead, I see the point of several […]

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Two nights ago, I finished reading 1984 by George Orwell. I have a sticker on my Yeti that has a stack of banned books and I decided I was going to read the ones that I hadn’t yet this year. I read The Color Purple, which was phenomenal though full of heavy content, and moved […]

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How we’re starting

As part of my seminary work (and my job), I’m starting a women’s ministry at church. One part is a midday women’s Bible study, childcare included, that going to run in seasons. Seasons, because it’s easier to get both volunteers and participants to commit for three months than for the next three years and it […]

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Better late than never

I’m aware that we are days away from February, but, in December, I got to preach at church during our Advent series. The experience was amazing and I want it to have a place here.

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Books recently added to my wishlist

I have a few stacks of book around the house just waiting to be read. Sometimes I almost hear them calling to me. Despite their beckoning, I’m also continually adding books to my wishlist that already contains multitudes. The wishlist is a much better solution than buying all the books and being crushed under their […]

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