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A Promise for New Motherhood

The postpartum season can be hard. Since this is our fourth baby I have picked up on a few things that help me weather this stage without going crazy. Maybe you aren’t anticipating a new baby right now but I bet you have a friend that is. Send it over to her if you think […]

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Dear Last Month of Pregnancy

I was 36 weeks pregnant yesterday. We’re at the point where I could almost have a baby anytime or it could be a month before I have a baby. I don’t know which. I’ve tried to convince the child to send me an email with 48- hey, I’d take 24!- hours notice on when he […]

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6 Simple Life-Giving Refreshments

We’re counting down the last few weeks of this pregnancy and it’s going by fast or slow, depending on something random that I have no control over. We could have a baby any day (not literally probably) or we might never have a baby (also not literally). But we are passing our days, just carrying […]

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Episode 69: Where Conservatives Go Wrong

This week Phylicia and I are tackling an issue that plagues conservative circles: basing worldviews on a reaction to the world instead of on what the Bible says. We provide a few examples of this, such as holding motherhood as the highest calling of women, viewing women as objects of sexual temptation instead of humans […]

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Just Carry Today

I’ll be 35 weeks pregnant tomorrow. It’s very easy for me to look at the next four months and feel extremely overwhelmed. I know I’ll have to journey through these last weeks of being pregnant and I’m tired. And then there’s the great mental debate: When will this baby come? Will the baby have IVA? How […]

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Why Motherhood Shouldn’t Be the Highest Goal

There’s this story that circulates that clutters up womanhood. It’s the story that motherhood is the supreme calling of women. That there’s nothing greater that you could do or aspire to. That- above all else- you should want to be a mama and nothing will matter more than that. There’s only one problem. I can’t find […]

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Having the Guts to Share: A Reader Question

I think we all, sometime in life, feel a draw, or even a calling, to do something that we feel unqualified to do. I’m talking specifically about writing here but if God calls you to do something you need to be more concerned about obedience than how that obedience makes you feel. A reader emailed […]

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